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Waikiki Hawaii with Toddlers

Waikiki receives 71,000 visitors daily, making it the most popular beach in Hawaii. Many people of all ages, including families with toddlers, want to make the dream of Hawaii a reality. 

Traveling with toddlers is rarely easy and requires preparation no matter how often you do it. On a positive note, toddlers generally don’t need fancy theme parks and games to keep them entertained. In fact, the simpler, the easier.  And, it gets better as they get older! Until then, let’s get to some work to maximize the Aloha spirits! 

10 Things to do with Toddlers near Waikiki 

Hawaii is not only for outdoor adventure, but it is also a family-friendly vacation spot! However, if you are traveling with a toddler, you may be searching for a toddler-friendly beach, stroller-friendly malls, or activities near the hotel!

The toddler group deserves its own list! Here are the toddler-friendly activities near Waikiki, Hawaii.

Waikiki beach with toddlers

1. Waikiki Beaches

Waikiki bay span 3 km and is divided into eight sections, each offering its distinct character. From Kahanamoku beach, where Hilton Hawaiian Village is located, to the other end of Kaimana Beach, Waikiki beach has more waves with a little steeper entry—followed by Kuhio beach with slightly easier entry with just a few waves. A break wall envelops Queens beach, and it is shallow with no waves. Perfect spot for the toddler group.

Waikiki Hilton Lagoon

2. Hilton Lagoon

Hilton lagoon belongs to Hilton Hawaiian Village, this vast open space by the ocean is available to the public to enjoy for free.  Calm shallow water with some small fish for children or beginner swimmers to enjoy without worrying about the waves.  The water is clean and a bit colder than the ocean.

Paddle bikes are available for rental. Restaurants and public restrooms are close by.

Waikiki Hilton Fireworks

3. Friday Night Hilton Fireworks 

A lovely way to spend a Friday night on the beach watching fireworks with the little one. This free weekly fireworks show is organized by Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort which starts at 7:45 pm and lasts about 5 minutes.

Anywhere along the beach near the Hilton Lagoon will give you decent views.  

Picnic near waikiki

4. Picnic near Waikiki

Fort DeRussy Beach Park is our favorite picnic area; BBQ stations are available for everyone. The beach park is cleaned and patrolled by the police regularly. Weekends can get very busy as many local families spend the time here.

Kapiolani Park is another option, located at the east end of Waikiki. It offers picnic sites and open grassy areas perfect for toddlers to run around. 

Waikiki diamond head hike

5. Diamond Head Crater Hike

Diamond Head Crater is a well-maintained hiking trail; all shapes, sizes, and skill levels of hikers can manage. Multiple stairs to the top, but there are some flat areas with plenty of places to take a breather. Toddlers will most likely need a baby carrier for some parts of this hike. Most people get to the top in 45 minutes to an hour. Entry & Parking reservations are required. $5 to hike, $10 to park. Go early to avoid heat and crowds.

Waikiki sunset

6. Sunset at Waikiki Beaches 

Hawaii has some of the world’s best sunsets, and Waikiki is no exception! You can enjoy the sunset from Fort DeRussy Beach all the way to Queens Beach. As the sun gets lower in the sky, the rays of light travel through to reach your eyes. When the sun hits the horizon of Waikiki beaches, it paints the sky with dramatic orange upon the ocean. Sunset at Waikiki is one of the must-do activities. 

Hanauma Bay State Park

7. Hanauma Bay State Park

Hanauma Bay is a Nature Preserve Park, not a typical beach, and it has an educational element to bring awareness to keeping the ecosystem alive. Excellent place for snorkeling, full of corals, tropical fish, and sea turtles. The little one can play by the shore, the water is typically calm, and you can see quite a few fish just by wading in. Make your reservation at least 48 hours in advance.

Honolulu Waikiki Kalakaua Avenue

8. Strolling Kalakaua Avenue

Begin your walk at the King Kalakaua statueDon’t miss out on Royal Hawaii Center, where the main stage features live entertainment. International Market Place is another popular destination. One of the unique aspects here is the play area designed for kids and plenty of space for parents to relax. This spot never gets too crowded; Continue the walk down to the 9-foot Duke Kahanamoku statue, often adorned with fresh leis.

Waikiki Aquarium

9. Waikiki Aquarium

The Waikiki aquarium is a great adventure to take your little explorer. Children can see beautiful fishes and various sea creatures. It’s a small aquarium that can be completed within an hour.  Waikiki Aquarium is not the fanciest and the largest aquarium, but it is a lovely destination for families with young children. Visitors’ expense goes to helping conservation efforts, and this is a great way to give back to Hawaii while enjoying Aloha.

Honolulu Zoo map

10. Honolulu Zoo

The Honolulu Zoo is a 42-acre zoo featuring several species of animals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. The zoo is relatively small compared to others, but very well maintained. You will find several native Hawaii animals and plants spreading across the zoo. You will need about 3 hours and a pair of comfortable shoes to enjoy the park. Honolulu zoo is a fun idea for a family day out!

Be a Sustainable Traveler

Travel is essential, and most people see the need to gain organic experiences from foreign places; Travel with little explorers offers educational opportunities that no one can take away from them. Each unique experience brings your kids pieces of knowledge they may not learn in school, and every knowledge is an element of becoming an individual with a global mindset. 

Traveling with toddlers is challenging to pack light. Still, we can always pack sustainably and be a responsible-traveler no matter which age group and circumstances: Avoid single-use products, less is more, and reduce chemicals used.  

Hawaii was the first state to ban sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate. These toxic chemical sunscreens can wash off in the ocean, threatening marine life and contributing to coral bleaching.  Choose a vegan and reef friendly sunscreen

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10 toddler friendly activities near waikiki hawaii

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