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Welcome to Nanani World! I’m Hsin. 

Thank you for stopping by Nanani World to learn more about this journey I started as a single mom in 2020, sharing my experience from my wellness journey in single parenting and beyond.

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In 2019, I moved to Barcelona with my two young children, fully aware that the next step would be to end my failing marriage. A few months after settling in our new city, COVID hit hard. We caught COVID and experienced hard lockdowns, adding the stress from a toxic relationship. I was completely shattered, physically and mentally. At that point, we had no friends or support.

Weeks after the lockdown was lifted, I decided to leave my toxic marriage and begin a custody battle, which has been an arduous journey filled with endless stress and tears.

Seeing the bright side of pain and suffering, I will choose the same path if everything has to start all over again. This is because my life couldn’t be better now. We have found peace and are surrounded by amazing people who offer us support from every angle. We get to do things that we love in the beautiful city of Barcelona, and we are happy and grateful. This experience has matured me in ways that nothing else could replace.

Today, I’m a single mom to two precious girls who’ve taught me more about motherhood and life than I could ever imagine. Divorce can have a lasting impact on your emotional and mental well-being. My wellness journey began during my separation period, and my kids are my constant reminder that I should care for myself to be the mother my kids deserve. 

As a World Citizen, I have lived in eight cities, five countries, and four continents. Each has had its own lessons and experiences, and each has taught me something valuable. I embrace multiculturalism, cultural diversity, and a sustainable lifestyle.

For the past years, I’ve shared resources covering everything from multicultural education, sustainable tourism, and wellness journey tips through my studies and personal experience as a single mom.

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About Nanani World

Welcome to Nanani World, where we believe in embarking on a wellness journey that includes sustainable living, responsible and sustainable travel, and multicultural education. We understand the challenges of single parenting and how it affects our well-being, so we strive to offer guidance and resources for a better and healthier life.

We want to bring single parents’ wellness to the front and center by promoting self-love and mindfulness. In the absence of a complete marriage, single moms explain the struggle of balancing a career, self-care, and children. Our goal is to raise awareness of our everyday challenges, sharing strength through our experiences.

This is a space where we can create a wellness journey for you and your children! If you stick around, I know you’ll find support to help you survive single parenting AND enjoy simple living with your little ones.

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