How to Remove Negative Energy?

Clear Negative Energy From Your Mind & Body

What is Negative Energy?

Negative energy is an immeasurable heavy, gloomy feeling that comes from several sources, such as your surroundings, people around you, and your inner mind. These negative thoughts or vibes are trapped within a person’s well-being, which creates negative emotions and actions; 

Negative energy interaction results in mental and physical exhaustion that causes stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more. 

According to Buddhism, all living beings are in the cycle of samsara, which is the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. In other words, all people will experience suffering or negativity many times in their lives. Acute or chronic, they are unavoidable. Learning to deal with negative energy is vital for your health and happiness.

Types of Negative Energy

Negative People

A negative person tends to think and speak in a way that emphasizes all the bad things about themselves, others, or situations. This personality type can be complex for those close to them because they often see the world through such an intense lens of negativity.

Negative Environments

A negative environment is any place or any behavior that causes harm to your health and well-being. For example, in the workplace, If you feel heavy weight and stress every time walking into the office, you might be in a toxic environment.

Negative Self-talk

Negative self-talk is an inner dialogue that could limit your ability to believe in yourself. It’s a conversation that could reduce your self-esteem to think about your ability to change your life. Adding mindfulness exercise to your life can help create a healthier dialogue with yourself without judgment, increasing your confidence when making important decisions and living a better life.

8 Ways to Remove Negative Energy

Whether your negative energy comes from other people, your environment, or yourself, it can affect your mental and physical health. Therefore, staying alert to our well-being is essential for a wellness journey. Hold accountable by recognizing you are not feeling well or uncomfortable with a situation. Setting the intention to release negative energy can bring your mindset to a positive state in high vibration. You are energetically in relieving mode and manifesting to restore balance. If you’re looking to remove negative energy, read on to learn how.

1. Shower

Shower or bathing gives us a chance to have a quiet moment from the chaotic environment to recenter. The feeling of water washing down the body is comforting, and you can visualize the negative energy flowing down the drain, giving instant relief from any mental fatigue. The benefits of a shower can boost our mood, help us to feel less tense, sleep better, and soothe muscle pain. A cold shower may be even more effective; the brain’s stimulation helps combat depression.

2. Grounding

Going outside and walking barefoot allows us to connect with the Earth directly. Research has shown that direct skin contact with the Earthy soil absorbs negative electrons into our body, which helps to neutralize the positive ions in our body. It can strengthen immunity, increases antioxidants, reduces inflammation, and improves sleep. 

3. Meditation

Clean your mental space by finding a quiet corner to meditate. Focus all the energy on manifesting prosperity and positivity. Incorporate meditation with deep breathing exercises, which can quickly release negative energy and bring calmness to your mind. 

Numerous studies show that sitting by a tree can reduce blood pressure and cortisol-related stress hormones. Stretch your spine, neck, and hips, and continue breathing. The calming feeling of having the back supported by the tree trunk through breathing can help you feel better and grounded. 

4. Declutter Home

Your home is your safe harbor; it should be relaxed, peaceful, and comfortable. When you bring negative energy home, the place may become hostile and antagonistic. Eventually will affect your life. For example, if you went through a bad breakup, clearing your home and reorganizing things can help declutter your head and heart space. Cleaning your physical space routinely is vital in your wellness journey. 

5. Journaling

Journaling is the practice of keeping a diary regularly. It is a form of self-talk to explore thoughts and feelings surrounding the event of your life. Journaling usually works best consistently, but occasional writing can also help relieve negative energy and stress. Focus on gratitude and processing positive emotions.

Journaling is an excellent way to understand what’s triggering negative energy or where it’s coming from. Sometimes identifying the negative energy can help us to deal with it more calmly and accurately. After the removal process, you can receive it as a learning experience with an open mind.

6. Practice Gratitude

Studies show that practicing gratitude shifts an individual’s attention away from negative emotions like resentment and envy. When the attention shifted, this helps reduce the possibility of obsessively thinking about negative things.

“Gratitude is an emotion that grounds us and is a great way to balance out the negative mindset that uncertainty engenders,” said Dr. Guy Winch

7. Sex or Solo-Sex

​​Sex is a beautiful way to release your built-up emotions. Sex promotes relaxation and can relieve stress and anxiety by triggering the release of “feel good” hormones – endorphins and oxytocin. 

Although sex has been widely described as a physical act, it’s more than that. When sex happens,  each person deposits energy into the other during the experience. Therefore, we must be mindful of what we bring into the experience. If you have sex with positive and loving people, that incredible energy will uplift you. In contrast, negative sex can create pessimistic and depressive energy. A shower before sex can help you set your mind in a neutral state and wash away the negative energy before entering into the interactions.

8. Self-chakra balancing

You’ve probably heard about chakras if you have attended a yoga or meditation session. Chakra is from Sanskrit, meaning “wheel.” it refers to spiritual energy points in the human body. According to Chopra Center, the chakra system consists of seven energy align the spine from the tailbone through the neck to the crown of the head. When one of these seven energy is out of balance, it can create mental tension, emotional distress, and physical illness.

Practicing self-chakra balance will help to purify and release negative emotions. When you have a better understanding of all the chakra, you will have the power to control your health and well-being better.

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