Becoming a Global Citizen

Global citizenship begins with self-respect, develop a global mindset, transform into a mission, and tackle to act on helping the world to be a better place.


My name is Hsin, I am a single mom and third-culture kid from Taiwan. Before moving to Barcelona, I have also lived in Singapore, the USA, Brazil, and Taiwan. International exposure is my norm; adapting to change and finding a comfort zone is my strength. Discovering new cultures and create connections is my passion.

“Nanan World” is a website that promotes the idea of becoming a family of global citizens. My daughters and I have moved 11,000 km from Taiwan to Barcelona where we are based to establish family values of our own: embrace multiculturalism, cultural diversity, simple living,  and contribute to a better world. 

Little Global Citizens: Luana & Maya

My two little girls, Luana and Maya, were born in 2017 and 2018 in Hawaii, joining my life.  After they were born, I have been trying hard to establish family values of our own, trying to seek that balance to teach my little girls. It is challenging to be a multicultural family, but at the same time, we also have a unique perspective on life. 

As a result, I gathered up enough courage to go about making a change. My life in Taiwan has ended in 2019,  decided to bring my girls moving to Spain. I want to reboot a new life and have a fresh start!

Nanani World” is inspired by my multilingual toddler; this is how she expresses “where” in Mandarin. I have decided to go with “Nanani World” as it indicates our situation: a multicultural family living with the world in mind and embracing diversity together.

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