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Hsin Chen
My name is Hsin,  I am a proud single mother of two children. In the absence of a complete marriage, mothering has been my priority. Other than my mother role, I am also a third-culture kid from Taiwan. I often see myself as a woman of the world – a global citizen.  I have lived in Singapore, the USA, Brazil, Taiwan, and Spain. Now I call Barcelona “home” with my two young girls.  International exposure is my norm; adapting to change and finding a comfort zone is my strength. Discovering new cultures and create connections are my passion.

Nanani World is a website about a single mom raising two bi-racial children. We’ve also faced several life challenges as a multicultural family just like everyone, but we stay optimistic, and believe that the life is about finding balance in self-care, while promoting the value self-respect and global mindset. 

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