Nanani World is a blog for people who wants to understand the real-life stories of a multicultural family. We want to share our experiences with you on how we moved 10,416km away from home to find balance and embrace multiculturalism. A multicultural family means being open to diversity,  we bring a global mindset to our family and explore the world through experience.

My name is Hsin from Taiwan, and I am a third-culture kid. I lived a life of moving around since elementary school – Singapore, Hawaii, Boston, and New York! Sometimes I feel free, sometimes I feel rootless!

My husband, Daniel, comes from Brazil. However, his grandparents were from Catalonia, they often infuse the culture, such as food, music, and language into their everyday life while he was growing up. Sometimes he feels like a Brazilian, sometimes he feels like a Catalan.

We met in Boston for a very brief period and reunited in Brazil. After we became steady as a couple, I moved to São Paulo to pursue my love! Years later, he also came to Taiwan for me! 

Our two little girls, Luana and Maya, were born in 2017 and 2018 in Hawaii, joining us in our small family.

Daniel and I grew up in two worlds where the environment and culture are entirely different. We often need to find a balance between us for our differences! We have different mindsets, communication styles, and even education beliefs for our children. For example, when we visited a school last week, Daniel loves the school, but all he said was: “I just don’t like the fact that they have uniforms and ties.” Uniforms and ties are pretty reasonable to me. In the early days of Taiwan, female students even had to cut their hair to the height of ears! In reality, it is challenging for two people living in different worlds to establish common values. Some clashes between the eastern and western societies are inevitable!

After our children were born, we’ve been trying very hard to establish family values of our own, trying to seek that balance to teach our children, and think about where would be the most suitable environment for us to live in. It is challenging to be a multicultural family, but at the same time, we also have a unique perspective in life.

As a result, we gathered up enough courage to go about making a change. Our life in Taiwan has ended in 2019, as we have decided to move to Barcelona. We want to reboot our life and have a fresh start!

Nanani World” is inspired by my multilingual toddler; this is how she expresses “where” in Mandarin. I have decided to go with “Nanani World” as it indicates our situation: a multicultural family raising kids with the world in mind and embracing diversity together.

Welcome to our adventure!


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