Basmati Fried Rice

Growing up in Taiwan, rice is a staple food in everyday meals. White rice, fried rice, or rice porridge. Today, I have decided to use Basmati rice for cooking traditional fried rice! 

Why not! We are a multicultural family having international food! 

Three simple steps:

  1. Prepare Basmati rice
  2. Marinated boneless chicken
  3. Prepare easy fried rice


Prepare Basmati rice

Basmati rice has recently become my favorite rice – light, tender, and fluffy. I love the steaming water from the rice fills the kitchen with its fragrance. It can be found in almost any supermarket in Barcelona. I took the recipe from the Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay youtube channel, it is incredibly helpful. 


– Use cold water to rinse off the dust and the start of 400 grams Basmati rice

– Place the rice into the pan and add three cardamom pods and 2 star anise. 

– Add 600ml of cold water  

– season the rice with hot water

– Put a lid on the pot when it’s boiling on high heat; as soon as it boils, turn it down to a simmer and let it steam for 8-10 minutes. 

Do not remove the lid until it is ready!

(source: Gordon Ramsay 5 Essential Basics To Cooking)

Marinated boneless chicken breast

You can find many different seasoning methods online, and they are rather complexed. Child-friendly food is always the best to keep it simple. I tried to use natural herbs and simple seasoning to bring the best taste of it.

Tips: marinated the night before serving will bring the taste out even more than before cooking

– Place the olive oil, lemon juice, water, garlic, salt, and pepper in a container and stir to combine.

– Feel free to use your own combination of herbs. I have added rosemary, thyme and flat-leaf parsley.

Preparing fried rice

Traditional fried rice usually cooks with peanut oil, vegetable oil, or soybean oil and also adding a different kind of sauces like soy sauce and oyster sauce. I substituted with olive oil and tried to keep the seasoning simple.

– scramble eggs with olive oil using a large sauté pan, break them into small pieces, add a little butter and seasoning. Then transfer the eggs to a separate plate and set aside.

– Sauté marinated chicken. Once cooked through, then transfer it to a separate dish and set aside.

– Sauté asparagus, onion, garlic (any vegetable you preferred) until cooked through.

– Stir fry rice to the last step, add butter and chicken. Stir to combine with the veggies and rice until its almost ready, add scrambled eggs, and seasoning continue to sautéing until its ready.


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