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The most beautiful house in Barcelona

Casa Vicens is a house located in a neighborhood of Gràcia in Barcelona and was the first house designed by young Antoni Gaudi. It is a little-known work of his compared to Park Güell, La Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló, and Casa Mila. Casa Vicens is an appealing building with colorful tiles that can grab your attention immediately. Nothing is better than giving yourself a nice quiet day to enjoy beautiful creations. 

Ticket Price

Highly recommend purchasing the ticket online in advance because most discount deals are exclusive for online booking. Seasonal Vicens package price at €21, includes an exclusive aperitif by Hofmann in the garden; After the staff scans your ticket at the entrance, a QR code for audio guides in 13 languages will be available. 

Price as of August 2022

Casa Viens Guadí

Explore Casa Vicens Gaudí

At the end of the 19th Century, Manuel Vicens commissioned Gaudí to build a summer residence. Gaudí’s vision was to transform the house to be bound to nature, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

In 1925, Casa Vicens was extended for the first time due to changes in ownership. Joan Baptista Serra de Martíne, who is Gaudí’s friend, was in charge of the extension project. He retained the property’s original appearance, with slight subtle changes. 

Casa Vicens flower tiles

Flower Tiles 

The ceramic sunflower tiles around Casa Vicens are one of the most recognizable elements. The structural aspects of Casa Vicens were inspired by nature; Gaudí had always felt a passion for nature and viewed the natural world as perfect; therefore, he often channeled this belief to most of his masterworks. 

Main façade 

Casa Vicens was built in a southwest orientation to ensure gentler sunlight during the summer season. The main façade of the house is full of detail, and you can see a fountain on the covered porch. 

Gaudí covers the building surface in ceramic, mostly used for the interior rather than the exterior at that time. It was Gaudi’s first attempt at such a technique and certainly not the last.

Main entrance

The Entrance

Gaudí used the flowers and palmetto as the main elements for the entrance. To save money, you notice a few repetitions designed, such as the ornamental motifs of the ceramics being always the same or the majestic wrought iron gates at the main entrance.

Entrance hall

The Entrance Hall

The entrance hall in Casa Vicens is a true reflection of Antoni Gaudí’s belief in nature. He designed this small space to welcome visitors as a continuation of the garden.

Spider web

The Covered Porch

The covered porch is one of my favorite spots in Casa Vicens. Visitors could take a seat to relax and enjoy the sound of water. Imagine back in the days there weren’t any buildings around. 

The masterful lesson of this area from a young Gaudí was when the rays of sunlight passed through the metallic spider web. It projected the rainbow’s color. The fountain water that flowed years ago has initially been from rain deposits.

Smoking room

Smoking room

The smoking room is a small oriental private area exclusive for men. The purple-blue ceiling resembles the sky. 



Antoni Gaudí was a pioneer because, in the late 19th Century, most households in Barcelona did not have running water. Gaudí not only designed a bathing area with running water but also divided it into different sections: a bathroom, dressing room, and lavatory.



Another nice terrace to relax is designed as a connecting point between the interior and exterior of the building.


The Domed room

The domed room was most likely designed for women to use. Gaudí sketched one of the towers inside the dome as if the sky were visible through the ceiling.

Casa Vicens

General Information:

Source: Official website of  Casa Vicens 

Address: Carrer de les Carolines, 20-26, 08012 Barcelona

Telephone:  +34 932 711 064

Booking Tickets: online

If you are traveling in Barcelona or are a big fan of Antoni Gaudi, I highly recommend visiting this beautiful house. Casa Vicens needs about an hour and a half to see independently.

Gràcia is a small district located in Barcelona’s geographical center. It is not very famous for its attractions except for the Park Güell. You will find more local culture in this area than in the beach area, and it is a great place to explore after visiting Casa Vicens.

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