Christmas in Taiwan is non-religion rather than religion. People usually celebrate during dinner with family, friends, and partners! Taipei city is vibrant, and the restaurants are busy! Growing up, we learn Christmas songs, know the Christmas story as well. Office and school organize exchange gift activity! 

Christmas in Brazil and Spain are just like the opposite; people celebrate with family, the city is close! There are few traditions my mother-in-law does every year! Before Christmas, she goes for Christmas shopping, put up the Christmas tree on a specific day! Prepare presents, arrange the Nativity Scene and, of course, with a Catalan traditions caganer. She also make 25 people Mixed Paella every year!  (it is the best) 

As a cross-culture parent, it gives us a new perspective on how we should celebrate and pass on the tradition to our children. Our main goal is to balance the tradition with modernity; we build our traditions and celebrate in our way. 

◦ Religion In a Multicultural Family 

We love Christmas, and it didn’t take us any effort to decide if we are going to extend this tradition to our children.  

Tree is always with us! 

Tree travel with us everywhere we move. We always put up a Christmas tree decorations to celebrate, get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy the holiday season. 

Santa comes to our house! 

We still take our children to see Santa Claus, go out and feel the Christmas vibes, learn the Christmas song! 

yes! “Santa brings presents to all nice and good boys and girls.”

Family Christmas meal

Daniel’s family always has the main meal on the Christmas Day lunch and we follows this tradition. It is a good opportunity to spend quality time with the family. 

Always Turrón

Turrón is a traditional Spanish Christmas Candy. Daniel’s grandfather used to prepare every Christmas. We want to carry this tradition down! It’s delicious. Why not! 

A multicultural family may not do it the exact traditional way, but there is no right or wrong. We can always adjust to adopt. In the end, it is the most wonderful time of the year to spend with the family and create memories. 

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