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In my family, We always have the habit of growing plants wherever we move, whether it is a houseplant or a garden full of flowers and herbs. Plants are simple and plain; it promotes health and well-being; it also gives you a visual trickery. The process of planting, from fertilizing, watering to blooming is just so comforting to watch. Plants definitely ease stress and make people happy. 

As more than a third of the planet’s population is under some form of restriction, kids can’t get out and engage with nature at the moment. So I thought this lockdown brought us an excellent opportunity to plant fruits or vegetables with kids. First, they are home all the time and able to observe the growing process closely. Second, we live in a small apartment without a big sunny backyard, and we are eager to bring more nature into our house. Last but not least, tomato is an essential ingredient in Spain. Let’s grow one, and kids can get to test the result within a short period.

Caring a fruit or vegetable is a great learning activity for your little explorer, he or she will learn to love and appreciate the planet. Ultimately, we want to establish a growing habit, teaching mindful eating and implement a sustainable lifestyle in our family. 

Tomato Project

We don’t have a big sunny backyard in Barcelona. However, we can still grow simple food and plant on the balcony and windowsill. I have chosen to grow tomato seeds, as tomatoes are an excellent vegetable for young kids to grow. They don’t require much care and space.

Tomato seeds are quick to germinate, fast enough to maintain a young kid’s interest over the full course of its growing period; Your Little explorer can observe the difference every day when they wake up. In other words, if you pick to grow from annual cycle seeds, the chance is the kid will forget about the project by the time it is harvested.

Here is what you will need to planting tomato seeds indoors with little kids:


There are hundreds of tomato varieties available in the market. We have selected a type that the mature plant is suitable for a small balcony and indoor.


You can start growing tomato seeds in any container or pot that holds soil, cotton wool or sponge. I prefer to start with small dish plates and transport over to pot at the later stage.


Tomato seeds germinate the best at warm temperatures (20-24 degrees Celsius). Be aware of the window heat that can get high temperature to burn the plant.

Encourage kids to water the plant regularly, teach them how to judge if the plants need more water, spend a couple of minutes to observe the growth. Once the second set of tomato’s true leaves appears, it is another excellent activity with kids to repot the tomato to a bigger container. Your little kids can enjoy digging into the soil and also learn to place the plant into the soil carefully.

Decorate Plant Pots

Decorated pots are cheap and simple to make. It is one of the final activities we do as a whole family after repotting the tomato. We have used the handmade playdough to add some color onto the white ceramic pot. Let your children get creative and design the pot precisely the way they like it. Allow them to create a sense of ownership

Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day 2020 will always be remembered as the year of the Coronavirus Pandemic. It is also the year that we are all forced to stop for whatever we are doing, and pay close attention to one another, mother nature, take serious action to protect our planets and keep our bodies healthy. If growing healthy habits in our backyard and eating less meat are a simple positive step to make little change to our world, we will start from a tomato tree. 

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