Fun Birthday Party at Home With Young Children

Fun Birthdays Party at Home with Young Children

Over the past few years, I have tried to throw birthday parties for my children, lots of Pinterest and social media research on ideas with catering services. Due to the pandemic, we have to cancel school kids’ birthday parties. Consequently, it allows me to reflect and understand that a fun birthday party does not need to be stressful and overspent.

The key to designing little kids’ activities is to keep them within their personality, interest, disposition, and attention span. If you are raising a multicultural kid, perhaps adding a few diverse flavors is a good idea. A little kid’s birthday can be eventful without leaving home. This year we plan to have a family-only, indoor & low-budget but fun birthday party!


Birthday Traditions in My Multicultural Family

Birthdays are celebrated worldwide, and we want to do the same. The idea behind the birthday celebration is to allow parents to express love to their little kids and the joy of having them come into the world. Therefore, regardless of throwing a fun birthday at home or outdoors, the most vital thing is spending quality time and having fun together.


The birthday person gets to waive some household chores, choose the week’s cuisine, or select a movie on the movie night. Little things like this make us feel spoiled, and we certainly want to carry on this tradition to our little multicultural kids! 

Traditional Snacks

Brigadeiro is the most loved Brazilian sweet and the most popular snack at the party. Brazilian father says he grew up eating these on birthdays, good ideas to add some Brazilian culture to our mini party. 

Family Trip

If overall circumstances allow, we plan to arrange travel trips for birthdays. In my multicultural family, we rarely exchange birthday gifts throughout the years as a couple, and we spend most of our celebrations with a simple dinner or a trip. We want to believe that instead of giving material things, it is always a better idea to create experiences to remember. 

Travel with little explorers can be fun and stress-free. First and foremost, define travel in your own way! Spending a big budget or breaking the bank to create a fancy trip is unnecessary. Walking in the woods or taking a local museum tour is also a form of “traveling.”. In fact, traveling local is a form of sustainable traveling style.


Fun Birthday Party Ideas at Home

A list of activities to celebrate a kid’s birthday at home can be a scavenger hunt for presents, Blowing bubbles from the window, or a movie night with popcorn inside a fort. These are the possible activities to do at home at this critical moment as things aren’t easy to purchase. 

Transform into a fun birthday party-zone

Birthday parties at home are great fun and do not require much work. Be creative and embrace the party spirit as you decorate Balloons around the house, put up Streamers and banners, Birthday tableware, or Confetti. 

FaceTime with Family & Friends

Being a multicultural family and especially after moving to Spain, our family and friends are mostly around the world; we try to create a “meaningful connection” in attempting to maintain a close relationship half a world apart.

Birthday is a great day to get all family members and friends together; we want to take advantage of this special day and schedule various FaceTime calls throughout the day. This way, kids can listen to multiple versions of birthday songs from different regions of the world and experience happiness with social distancing.

Perhaps open the present or cards during video calls so kids can associate the present with the giver. Also, allow your little kid to say thank you to the person. 

Birthday Cupcakes Decorating

Cooking activities such as homemade pizza and baking cake are always fun. This year we chose to decorate vanilla cupcakes with buttercream and the topping of my kid’s choice. 

Finger Paint Fun!

Not only can finger painting stimulate your child’s senses, improve motor skills and kid’s creativity.  It also adds some colors for the birthday celebration.

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