Glazing Organic Carrots

Sourcing Ingredients

One of the most vital lessons I’ve learned from various culinary experiences is to know your ingredients!

Most chefs that I’ve learned from always advise me to visit farm markets, understand the kind of food that I am preparing for family and myself. Buying locals, support farmers! Talk with the sellers, she or he may have a better insight about the ingredients you are purchasing, you can get a sense of connection with the food through the conversation.

Whenever I choose carrots,I always start scanning from the surface to ensure there is no limp or crack; it certainly cannot look too dry. Fresh carrots should have a deep color, smooth surface; Another method is I look at the green leaves on the top, and it should appear as bright and fresh green.

Learning Oblique

I’ve learned this technique from one of my favorite chefs, Thomas Keller! He mentioned the different texture of the carrot created from the shape and I couldn’t agree more. 

also because of the triangular shape from the oblique cut, it is easier for my little kids to pick up from her fork. Since then I have been using the oblique technique to glaze my carrots for kids. 

How to make an oblique cut: 

  1. Hold your carrot on a cutting surface at a 45-degree angle.
  2. Cutting on the diagonal angle, roll the carrot a quarter after each cut.

    Practice Patience

    They are not the best oblique cutting carrots! The size and density are not even! 

    Choosing the right knife to cut carrots, feeling awkward or uneasy is definitely not a good sign. Make sure the cutting board is placed on the counter firmly before cutting. 

    Learning knife skills takes time and practice.

    Simple and Healthy

    The natural sweet flavors of caramelized organic carrots glazed with Organic Irish butter, a teaspoon of sugar, a bit of vinegar and water!

    My kids eat better when I prepare simple food and present as in snack style. Glazed carrots have become one of our regular snack time collections!

    Finished with salt and herbs 🌿

    Glazed Carrots │ Snack Food for Kids

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