Most people are experiencing tough times as we face these unprecedented challenges in our world. It is vital that we stay at home, stay healthy, and follow the World Health Organization (WHO) instruction for protecting ourselves and others from Coronavirus. 

During the quarantine period of this Novel Coronavirus Outbreak, most schools across the world are expecting to be closed for a certain period of time. To keep everyone safe during the pandemic, many of us are facing hours, days, or weeks at home. For families with children, that also means no more outdoor activities. In Spain, not only social activity is prohibited. Basically fines starting at €100 for minor infractions or up to a year in prison walking on the street without a legitimate reason. 

The social isolation is undoubtedly challenging for a busy and outgoing multicultural family like us. Despite the difficulties, we try to create a routine and gear up home activities for our two young multicultural kids.

There are several ways to keep your young multicultural kids entertained during the lockdown period. Here are some fun activities tips.

1. Playing with Cardboard Boxes

Empty boxes are fun and great for physical activity. There is no right or wrong way to play the box, allow your child to lead their desire, climb in and out, smash, jump. Playing hide and seek or paint the box with the markers are some great ideas to interact with your kids.

2. Hopscotch Game

Hopscotch Hop Skip Jump helps children to master body control, and to manage body rhythm. The movements of jumping the boxes involved in building body strength, body balance, eye-hand coordination. Most importantly, it is easy to implement at home as it does not require too big of a space.

3. Create Storyboard from Reuse & Recycle Unwanted Toys

Create your own storyboard with the reuse and recycle unwanted toys. Many of us stock up tons of toys at home for an extended period. It’s a good idea to take them out during the quarantine time, expand creativity with your children, and tailor-made a storyboard. Storyboard allows you to create your own storyline and build the content with unlimited creativity. It helps your kids to improve imagination and vocabulary through interactions.

4. Playdough Playtime

There are several benefits of playing with playdough. It improves the young child’s motor skills by strengthening their little fingers, hand, and wrist. During the process, children gain control over their hand-arm and eye-hand coordination. Have fun and enjoy the creativity. 

Playdough Recipe

1 cup of flour = 1 Ball = 1 color

  •  4 cups of Flour (120g/cup)
  •  1 cup of Salt (Around 16 tablespoons)
  •  2 cups of water (Around 480 gram) 
  •  4 Tablespoon of lemon juice
  •  4 Tablespoon of oil
  • Food coloring as desire


  1. Mix all of the liquid form ingredients (except for the food coloring) and divide them into 4 separate bowls. 
  2. Add food coloring to each bowl as desired
  3. Mix flour and salt in a container and divide them into 4 separate bowls. 
  4. Turn on medium heat, combine liquid and flour-mixed in a medium-sized saucepan. Stir constantly until it starts to clump together. (3-5 minutes) Reduce heat to medium-low and continue to stir until the entire mixture has turned to a dough consistency.
  5. Let the dough cool down for around 15-30 minutes and store it in an airtight container. Leave in the fridge for at least 3 months.

5. Handprint Fun

Sensory play like finger painting is vital for every child’s development. Activities can help to foster your little kid’s creativity.

6. Coloring ABCs

Coloring is a great activity for children, especially during the lockdown. it is easy to start, and also offers an advantage for your child to express their creativity. Special thanks to Judy Wang Art for her cuttest printable. 

Please feel free to share some of your ideas. Let’s help each other out to get through this challenging time together. I hope everyone stays safe and stays healthy!

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