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La Fageda: Catalonia’s Hidden Gem

Catalonia, nestled in northeastern Spain, boasts a rich tapestry of landscapes, from the bustling city of Barcelona to the picturesque Costa Brava. Yet, hidden amidst this varied topography lies a true gem, often overlooked by tourists, a place where nature unfolds in all its splendor – La Fageda. This captivating region is located in the Garrotxa, one of Catalonia’s less explored treasures, and is just a two-hour drive from Barcelona’s city center. La Fageda is a well-preserved haven of extraordinary natural beauty, and within it, two remarkable sites, La Fageda d’en Jordà and La Fageda Fundació, await to be discovered.

La Fageda d’en Jordà: A Natural Marvel

La Fageda d’en Jordà stands as one of the 26 nature reserve areas within the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park. This park encompasses a wealth of natural wonders, making it a perfect destination for those who seek to explore the great outdoors. La Fageda d’en Jordà, however, stands out as an exceptional jewel within this treasure trove.

The unique feature of this beech tree forest is that it grows on a lava flow from the Volcán Croscat, a geological quirk that sets it apart from other forests in the region. The elevation at which these beech trees thrive is lower than one might typically expect for this species, adding to the intrigue of this natural wonderland. The landscape of La Fageda d’en Jordà has long been a source of inspiration, capturing the imaginations of artists, including the poet Joan Maragall.

Exploring this enchanting forest in autumn is a sensory delight like no other. As the leaves gracefully fall, the forest comes alive with a vibrant palette of red, orange, yellow, and gold, painting a surreal landscape that looks straight out of a dream. One of the most popular routes to experience this enchantment is the trail leading to the Santa Maria chapel, a path steeped in history and natural beauty. For more adventurous souls, there are approximately 30 routes crisscrossing the area, offering diverse and stunning scenic views.

These trails are suitable for a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, and horseback riding, making La Fageda d’en Jordà an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts of all ages. The natural beauty and tranquility of this place are unparalleled, providing an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse oneself in the serene embrace of nature.

The allure of La Fageda d’en Jordà extends well beyond the autumn season. Each season has its unique charm, ensuring that visitors can revel in the beauty of this place throughout the year. The forest’s timeless appeal transcends the boundaries of time and age, making it a destination that continues to enchant and captivate travelers.

To plan your visit and explore the various trails, you can refer to the Garrotxa Tourism website, which lists most of the available tracks. These trails are free and suitable for visitors of all ages, guaranteeing that La Fageda d’en Jordà can be enjoyed by everyone.

La Fadega Fundacio

La Fageda Fundació: A Glimpse into Sustainability

While the natural beauty of La Fageda d’en Jordà is undoubtedly a highlight, there’s more to discover in this hidden gem. A short distance away, nestled in the heart of this magical forest, you’ll find La Fageda Fundació. This unique institution is more than just a place for producing yogurt and ice cream; it’s a testament to the power of social sustainability.

La Fageda Fundació is a non-profit organization committed to improving the community and creating a sustainable environment. If you’re traveling with children, this is not just a visit to a dairy farm; it’s an opportunity to showcase the importance of sustainability to the little ones. Here, the process of creating dairy products is deeply intertwined with social responsibility and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

The foundation’s name, “La Fageda,” is derived from the surrounding forest and symbolizes the harmony and connection between nature and community. As you explore the inner workings of La Fageda Fundació, you’ll gain insight into their holistic approach to production and social responsibility.

One of the main highlights of the visit is the opportunity to witness how yogurt and ice cream are produced. The entire process, from the careful selection of ingredients to the skilled craftsmanship involved in creating these delectable treats, is a testament to the organization’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

However, what truly sets La Fageda Fundació apart is its dedication to social responsibility. The organization provides employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities, promoting their inclusion and enhancing their quality of life. The idea is not only to produce high-quality dairy products but also to foster a sense of belonging and purpose in the community.

Visiting La Fageda Fundació is an educational experience that goes beyond the typical tourist attractions. It offers a glimpse into the power of social sustainability and the positive impact it can have on individuals and communities. By supporting this foundation, you’re not only savoring delicious dairy products but also contributing to a meaningful cause.



Mas Els Casals, s/n, 17811 Santa Pau, La Garrotxa (Girona) Spain


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Planning Your Visit

Before you embark on your journey to La Fageda, it’s essential to plan your visit thoroughly to make the most of this hidden gem. Here are some practical tips to ensure you have a memorable experience:

Seasonal Considerations:

While autumn is often hailed as the best time to visit La Fageda d’en Jordà due to its breathtaking foliage, each season offers a unique charm. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the season that resonates with you the most.

Exploring the Forest:

Be sure to explore the various hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails. Depending on your interests and fitness level, you can select a route that suits you best. Don’t forget to check the Garrotxa Tourism website for trail information.

La Fageda Fundació:

If you’re interested in the social sustainability aspect, schedule a visit to La Fageda Fundació. It’s an eye-opening experience that combines the pleasure of dairy products with a greater purpose.

Local Cuisine:

Catalonia is renowned for its delicious cuisine. Take the opportunity to savor local dishes and flavors at nearby restaurants and eateries. The Garrotxa region, in particular, offers a unique culinary experience.


To make the most of your visit, consider staying in the charming towns of the Garrotxa region. There are various accommodation options, including cozy cottages and boutique hotels, where you can unwind after a day of exploration.

Respect for Nature:

While exploring La Fageda, it’s crucial to respect the environment and adhere to responsible tourism practices. Leave no trace, follow designated paths, and avoid any activities that may harm the delicate ecosystem.

La Fageda is Catalonia’s hidden gem, a place where nature’s wonders unfold in the most enchanting way. From the captivating beech tree forest of La Fageda d’en Jordà to the inspiring social sustainability initiatives of La Fageda Fundació, this region is a true testament to the beauty of Catalonia. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a nature lover, or a traveler with

La Badia La Fageda

Where to Stay?

La Badia: Your Secluded Retreat in Sant Feliu de Pallerols

Nestled in the tranquil and secluded heart of Sant Feliu de Pallerols, La Badia offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. This hidden gem is a mere 20-minute drive away from the enchanting La Fageda d’en Jordà, making it an ideal base for nature enthusiasts and explorers. With attentive hosts and a serene ambiance, La Badia is thoughtfully designed to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience.

The remote location of this property makes having a car essential, and you’ll find a convenient patio area right at your doorstep, where you can safely park your vehicles. Beyond this, La Badia boasts shared spaces that invite you to unwind and connect with nature, including a charming swing and BBQ equipment for delightful outdoor gatherings.

The spacious apartment is well-appointed with everything you might need, making it particularly suitable for families with young children. The friendly and accommodating owner, fluent in both Spanish and English, ensures that your stay is comfortable and enjoyable.

The very environment of the house is a treat in itself – it remains pleasantly cool even in the heat of the day. The presence of farm animals, including chickens, sheep, piglets, and cats, adds to the charm of La Badia, making it an excellent choice for families with children.

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