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Life Coaching: Find Your Path with Your Pace

“Are you busy living or busy surviving?”

Are you enjoying parenthood? Do you have the burning desire to be the best parent you aspire to be?

That is a question we often don’t ask ourselves consistently. Yet, we sometimes feel restless and yearn for something vague and undefined. In the whirlwind of daily life, we simply keep going, trying to do everything all at once, often forgetting to pause and take a deeper look into ourselves. It’s crucial to ask whether what we are doing is meaningful enough to propel us toward our desired destination.

We might look at our situation and feel stuck, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. The trail to our future might appear hazy or blocked by an insurmountable obstacle.

Whether you are a struggling single mother or a parent facing challenges, it’s essential to check in with yourself and ask, “Are you living a life true to yourself, your dreams, and your goals?” or “Are you following a path chosen for you by the expectations and demands of others?” Perhaps you’re not where you want to be physically or emotionally, and that has impacted your deepest relationships with yourself and your children.

Change in all of us starts when we change our own minds and nurture our souls. To make any kind of change within ourselves, we must first become aware that we are not on the right path or that the path we are on can be better. Believe we can change, and then believe the change will be worth it.

Let’s embark on a journey together to shift from surviving to truly living, unlocking the potential for a life that resonates with your authentic self while cherishing and enhancing the joys of parenthood.

AWARENESS is always the first step to change and improvement!

Who Am I

As a life coach and an AC Accredited Jay Shetty Certification School participant, I specialize in guiding parents through the transformative journey of self-renewal and overall well-being. My focus is to support mothers and fathers, whether you are navigating the complexities of rebuilding after a relationship change or striving for personal growth and goal achievement. I am passionate about fostering mindfulness and restoring life balance.

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What I do

I specialize in guiding parents through powerful and lasting transformations in their lives. I firmly believe that each of us possesses the internal resources and strength needed for change, yet we often find ourselves hindered by limiting and self-defeating beliefs.

By offering tailored hiking or walking experiences in the beautiful city of Barcelona, along with the flexibility of online or offline 1-1 coaching sessions, I provide a unique approach to personal growth. Through reflective questioning, constructive conversation, and a proven coaching methodology, I help you break free from limiting beliefs and unconscious fears.

Whether you prefer an active session amidst the scenic beauty of Barcelona or a focused online/offline coaching dialogue, my goal is to guide you toward empowerment and lasting positive change.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Gain clarity on your life’s purpose and mission.
  • Identify and overcome obstacles that are holding you back from reaching the next level in your personal and professional life.
  • Learn to eliminate negative and self-defeating thoughts that hinder you from living your desired life.
  • Embrace a life filled with grace, purpose, and passion, confidently aligned with your aspirations.
  • Cultivate an appreciation for every moment, learning to be fully present in each encounter.

Nature, with its ability to open the mind, body, and spirit, serves as an ideal backdrop for breakthroughs and creative inspiration. Together, let’s embark on a transformative journey tailored to parents’ unique challenges and aspirations, unlocking the full potential of their lives and parenting experiences.

Life Coach vs. Mentoring vs. Therapy

A life coach utilizes their personal experiences along with expert skills in communication, analysis, and personal growth to inspire clients to find their inner strength and make positive changes. The life coach nurtures the process in key areas of the client’s life.

Therapists, on the other hand, operate based on a medical model. They diagnose and treat dysfunction, helping the individual recover to their normal function by reducing symptoms. Therapists assist clients in returning to how they used to feel and act.

A mentor is typically someone who provides advice on how to progress and achieve success in the same area as the mentee. The goal of the mentor is to elevate the mentee to their own level of expertise in that specific area.

Desired Outcome:

Imagine waking up every morning with the certainty that the day is dedicated to living life on purpose, especially as a parent navigating the unique journey of parenthood. Envision a version of yourself that exudes self-respect, serves as a role model and mentor for your children, contributes in a way that aligns with your unique strengths, and brings fulfillment to both you and your family.

In this adventure, you’re the driver of your life, and I’m here to illuminate your path—a supportive guide steering you toward your desired destination. Much like planning a trip, you hold the knowledge of where you want to go, be it a “safari adventure” or a “skiing escapade.” As your coach, I provide tools and explore options with you, similar to laying out modes of transportation for your chosen destination. Always remember, you remain the decision-maker and the driver, holding the answers within.

The decision to change rests solely with you, and the commitment to follow through is yours alone. While it’s tempting to remain in your comfort zone, envision the courage to embrace change. Transformation can occur, forever altering the course of your life and positively influencing your parenting journey. Not only will your kids be proud of you, but you’ll also be presenting to them your resilience and effective strategies for navigating life. Seize the opportunity to make that change, and witness as your life unfolds in ways you’ve never imagined.

How the Program Works:

A harmonious and balanced life stems from nurturing the pillars of physical well-being, a sound mind, and a nourished soul. In our journey together, we will delve into the embrace of nature to replenish your soul. Through our conversations, we will unravel the layers of your inner self, exploring the dialogue within your mind. Hiking amid the fresh air serves as a means to nourish our bodies, encouraging us to step outside our habitual comfort zones.

As we complete our walk, you achieve more than just a physical goal – you’ve conquered your first step towards making positive changes.

The key to transformation lies in getting started! Now, let’s get started!

If you’re in need of someone to talk to or want to find out more about our life coaching program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me; I’m here to listen.  You can schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call Here, 

If you’re unable to find a suitable schedule due to time differences, please feel free to reach out to me via email at

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