It is a beautiful day, and we thought it’s a good idea to take a trip to Park Güell, showing girls the beauty of Barcelona!

90% of Park Güell is free to the public, the park is full of imagination and color. Playful architecture integrates with the natural surrounding, very suitable for a family outing. You will only need tickets for the monumental zone, avoid the area if you are under budget.

Many have suggested visiting during the afternoon to get the best light. But we went in the early morning during the less busy time. Barcelona has 300 pleasant days all year round, it is going to be a beautiful day! the view is stunningly beautiful. 

We started at the top entrance. Enjoy the walk inside the park, spend time in the playground, and finally reached the monumental area and exiting at the bottom.

It is quite a physical activity, Park Guill landscape is hilly. If you are planning to arrive by public transportation. There will be plenty of stairs and a bit of walking distance. but no doubt that it is a fun outdoor family activity.

if you are planning to enter the monumental zone, purchase the tickets in advance regardless if you are with or without children. 

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