Port Vell

Family Travel Destination

Port Vell is a waterfront harbor in Barcelona, located at the end of Barcelona’s Las Ramblas, which is also where the Columbus monument is situated. Port Vell has been playing a significant city landmark since 1886.

Port Vell was built as part of an urban renewal program for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. It incorporates a swing bridge to allow a ship to enter and exit the harbor.

Columbus Monument, Barcelona

150 Years of Barcelona Port

In 2019, the Catalan government organized a new Christmas fair to celebrate Port Vell’s 150 years with a 30 meter Christmas tree, which marks the tallest tree recorded in Catalonia. The market offers various wooden stalls with Christmas decorations, food, crafts and gifts. Christmas markets are a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of the festive season. There is a heartwarming tradition filled with fun activities. Happy Holidays! Of course, we are not going to miss the opportunity to take our multicultural kids to celebrate the first Christmas in Barcelona. 

In general, Port Vell without the Christmas fair is a spacious and joyful place family travel destination, especially with the little kids.

The wooden walkway, known as the Rambla de Mar, offers plenty of benches for families to spend time enjoying their time, the sunset at the port is worth to stay. If you like superyachts, Port Vell is also famously for the most prominent luxury yachts in the world dock here. At the end of the Rambla de Mar will take to Maremagnum shopping mall and Barcelona’s L’Aquàrium.

Ferris wheel at Port Vell, beautiful view over Montjuic

Directions to Port Vell 


  1. From Plaça da Catalunya station and enjoy the walk down on the famous las Ramblas. Around 20 minutes walk for an average healthy adult. 
  2. From Drassanes station to port is much closer to the port. 


  1. To Pas Sota Muralla – Pl. Pau Vila: V15 , 47 , N8 and N28
  2. To Portal de la Pu: D20, 59, H14, 120, V13, N0, N6, N26.c

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