My mother-in-law is a catholic who goes to Mass regularly. However, growing up, Daniel has always been free to choose his beliefs. 

My family from southern Taiwan is deeply devoted to Taoism. Taoism can be a philosophy and also a religion. My family gathers to pray regularly, and they take these events very seriously. Growing up, Taoism was introduced to me naturally, and I always follow my parents to the temple. 

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However, between Daniel and I, we don’t practice any religion when we are on our own. Our children are raising in a non-religious environment with us in Barcelona. How do we talk about religion?

Open mind

Daniel and I want to be fair and objective, stay with an open mind.

We tell our children and show them about the church service grandmother is attending. We also take them to participate public worship with my family. Children can understand “faith” from their angles even if they are not inside any “faith community.”

Explain God without belief

We don’t avoid the topic, and we believe that it is essential to discuss it. When the kids are old enough to decide. They can have a good sense and are capable of evaluating to keep them away from some extreme religions.

Christmas is a common religious holiday, and most people do go to service on that very special day. We celebrate Christmas, just in a neutral way. you do not need to be Christian to celebrate Christmas.

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There was a major Taoism festival last year, and I had the opportunity to organize and participate in the event with the temple committee. Prayers asked to wear a traditional costume during the festival period. I made one for my older daughter Luana and dressed up like me, took her around the temple and showed her interesting decorations.

Photo Source: Wen Heng Temple official facebook

Emphasize respect

Religion is an essential aspect of a culture, and there is a wide range of religious and spiritual beliefs in modern society. 

My children may have no religious or spiritual beliefs in the future, and that’s okay! The most important thing is to accept and respect other people’s right to believe in whatever they want, even if you don’t agree with them. 

Give children control

Most parents in modern society acknowledge that children should be able to choose their religious, it usually impacts on someone’s social behavior and life. On the other hand, parents can easily influence the choice children made during the teenagers, just like the career selection. 

Family Values

Aristotle said, “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. In a multicultural family, we want to emphasize the values rather than the worship.

Be a kind and compassion person, “church” is inside your heart, “temple” is in your soul, and “God” is with you. 

Embracing the spirit of multiculturalism is not just a cross-culture parent living together and raising multiracial children. It is about getting involved, encourage us to share the valuable part about our own distinct cultures and traditions. On the other hand, children stay open mind and have control over their beliefs.

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