One of the most significant advantages of being a multicultural family is that we get to travel more often and have many opportunities to go around the world to see family members.

Taiwan is my home! We were able to visit a few amazing sites with our girls, I would like to introduce one of the most beautiful places in Taiwan – Sun Moon Lake.

Sun Moon Lake is the largest lake in Taiwan, it is child-friendly and suitable for slow travel; there is no trains to Sun Moon Lake; the closest station is Taichung, from where you will need to take a bus or taxi; There are several activities to do in Sun Moon Lake, visit Traveltipster for detail. 

Sun Moon Lake recorded about 2.98 million tourists last year, which means it gets hectics. My husband Daniel, and I planned to take it slow and easy. We want to avoid the crowd and enjoy the silence, it is not a “one-day-fit-all” plan. 

We took our time to get in Sun Moon Lake, and checked-in The Wen Wan Resort at around 3pm. We spent the entire afternoon in the hotel. The resort is on top of the hill and is fabulous with a bird view of Sun Moon Lake. The in-room hot spring tub is perfect for a family to spend quality time, The path behind the hotel is enjoyable and It is situated away from the busy streets. .

There is an observation deck with a glass viewing platform, and it is worth to experience it.

Many tourists take the rapid train from Taipei city to Sun Moon Lake for a day trip; it is relatively easy to get to Taichung. However, if you have enough time and budget, it is highly recommended to stay overnight at Sun Moon Lake.

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