Sustainable Travel in Meersburg, Germany

Sustainable Travel in Bodensee, Germany

Meersburg, surrounded by rolling hills and overlooking the pristine lake. This quaint destination embodies sustainability and serenity, providing a tranquil escape with vistas that greet you each morning.

Nestled in the heart of Europe, the charming town of Meersburg on the shores of Bodensee (Lake Constance) beckons travelers with its enchanting blend of sustainable travel and natural beauty. Meersburg is a gem on the northern shoreline of this vast freshwater lake that spans across Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. With its breathtaking landscapes, profound cultural heritage, and unwavering commitment to sustainable practices, Meersburg offers a unique experience for sustainable travelers who seek to reduce their environmental footprint while immersing themselves in the town’s natural wonders and cultural treasures.

How to Get to Meersburg, Bodensee

You can reach Meersburg from various international airports in the region by combining different modes of transportation. Here’s a more detailed explanation for travelers arriving at these airports:

1. Zurich Airport (ZRH), Switzerland:

Train, Bus, and Ferry: From Zurich Airport (ZRH), it’s convenient to reach Meersburg through a combination of train, bus, and ferry options. Follow these steps:

  • Start by walking to Flughafen Zürich station, located within the airport complex.
  • From there, you can catch a direct train to (IC 75) Konstanz in Germany. Alternatively, you can take IC 8 to Romanshorn and make a stop at Weinfelden. On the same platform, change trains to Konstanz.
  • Upon arriving in Konstanz, Germany, you can board bus #1 Auto Fähre right outside the train station, which will take you directly to the final stop at the ferry station.

Car Rental: Another option is to rent a car at Zurich Airport and drive to Meersburg. The journey typically takes around two to three hours, depending on traffic and your chosen route.

2. Munich Airport (MUC), Germany:

  • Bus and Ferry: From Munich Airport, you can take a shuttle or a bus service to Friedrichshafen or other towns on Lake Constance. Some bus services connect the airport directly to Friedrichshafen, making for a convenient option. Once you arrive in Friedrichshafen, you can take a ferry to Meersburg. The ferry terminal is located near Friedrichshafen Central Station.
  • Train: Alternatively, you can take a train from Munich Airport to Friedrichshafen Hauptbahnhof. This journey may involve changing trains in Munich city center or other intermediate stations.
  • Car Rental: Like at Zurich Airport, you can also rent a car at Munich Airport and drive to Meersburg. The drive typically takes around three to four hours, depending on traffic and the chosen route.

3. Friedrichshafen Airport (FDH), Germany:

  • Direct Access: If you’re arriving at Friedrichshafen Airport, you’re in close proximity to Meersburg. You can easily reach Meersburg by taking a taxi or a shuttle service, which will get you to the town in approximately 20 minutes.

Explore Meersburg Sustainably

Once you arrive in Meersburg, consider these eco-friendly methods of getting around the town:


For the more adventurous and fitness-oriented traveler, cycling is a wonderful way to explore Meersburg and its surroundings. The extensive network of cycling paths, known as the “Bodensee-Radweg,” invites you to pedal through picturesque countryside and charming villages. You can rent bicycles locally or bring your own. Cycling not only reduces your carbon footprint but also allows you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the region at a leisurely pace.

Electric Vehicles:

If you prefer the flexibility of a car but still want to minimize your environmental impact, consider renting an electric vehicle (EV) or a hybrid. Many rental agencies in the region offer EVs, which provide a cleaner alternative to traditional gasoline-powered cars. Moreover, Bodensee boasts a growing network of charging stations to support electric vehicle travel, making it convenient and eco-friendly.

Local Bus:

Meersburg is served by a local bus network, offering a convenient and sustainable way to move around the town and its surroundings. Public transportation not only reduces emissions but also allows you to explore Meersburg with ease.


The town’s compact size and pedestrian-friendly streets make it a delightful place for leisurely strolls. Walking enables you to fully appreciate the town’s charm, historic sites, and beautiful lakefront views while leaving the smallest ecological footprint.

Sustainable Travel Meersburg Germany

Things to Do in Meersburg, Germany

Meersburg is a charming town on the shores of Lake Constance (Bodensee) that offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors. you can either choose to savor local cuisine and fresh seafood accompany by local produced wine by the lakeside overlooking the lake with Switzerland in front of you. or Enjoy outdoor activities such as paddleboarding, swimming in Lake Constance, or renting a boat to explore the lake at your own pace. 

Here are some things to do and see in Meersburg:

1. Explore Lake Konstanz

Seepromenade (Lakefront Boulevard):

Meersburg’s Seepromenade is a lively area with charming buildings, shops, and inviting restaurants. In the evening, it becomes the town’s bustling heart, offering splendid lake-view dining. Reservations for terrace tables are recommended to secure your spot. Strolling along Lake Constance’s shorefront promenade invites relaxation, with benches and picturesque spots for picnics. The lakeside walkway offers serene moments to savor breathtaking lake views, with shaded areas beneath trees for peaceful contemplation.

Magische Saule (Magical Pillar):

The Magische Saule, or “Magical Pillar,” is a captivating sculpture with surrealist elements. It features a bird with a man’s head, a helmeted cupid, a knight on a wooden horse, a priest with a crucifix, a man wielding a magnet, and enigmatic characters in a cage. This whimsical masterpiece invites exploration and reflection. While an artist’s panel explaining the intent would enhance the experience, the pillar remains a serene spot for contemplation, offering peaceful moments to appreciate the surrounding scenery, both day and night. You can find this intriguing sculpture near Meersburg Castle, a short walk from the Seepromenade, making it easily accessible for visitors exploring the town.

Meersburg Ferry:

The Fähre Konstanz Meersburg offers an enchanting ferry ride from Meersburg to the town of Konstanz, as well as several other picturesque towns located along the opposite shore of Lake Constance. This scenic and convenient mode of transportation allows travelers to effortlessly expand their exploration of the region while enjoying the stunning views that Lake Constance has to offer.

2. Experience Art & Culture 

Pile Dwelling Museum:

Delve into the lives of people from over 3,000 years ago at this captivating museum. On display are wooden-wheeled carts, intricately carved one-log longboats, ancient tools, pottery, clothing, and jewelry—a testament to the ingenuity of early civilizations in the region. Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this museum sheds light on prehistoric cultures and their innovations, making it a must-visit for those intrigued by ancient history and archaeology. 

Vineum Bodensee:

Embark on a journey into the world of wine at Vineum Bodensee. This museum provides captivating insights into winemaking, grape varieties, and the rich viticultural heritage of the region. It’s a must-visit for both wine enthusiasts and those curious about the art of winemaking. The museum seamlessly blends the historic charm of its building with modern installations, including multimedia exhibits. Explore not only the history of wine cultivation in the region but also its global impact, featuring a particularly fascinating display of wine-growing areas worldwide. Vineum truly has something for everyone—history, technology, art, geography, and an all-encompassing great experience.

Bibelgalerie Meersburg:

Discover the history of the Bible at Bibelgalerie Meersburg. While this museum is relatively small, it offers an engaging exploration of the Bible’s evolution. Most exhibits are in German, but each room provides English summaries to help non-German-speaking visitors gain context. Notably, the museum is exceptionally child-friendly and encourages interactive learning with its exhibits. Special rooms, like the one depicting nomadic life during Biblical times, offer hands-on experiences. Additionally, you’ll find intriguing old frescoes on the ground floor, reflecting the building’s history as a Dominican monastery. Plan for a visit lasting around an hour to fully appreciate this unique museum.

Galerie Bodenseekreis im Roten Haus:

Galerie Bodenseekreis im Roten Haus is an art gallery located in the historic Red House in Meersburg, Germany. It showcases a diverse range of contemporary artworks, providing a platform for both established and emerging artists. Visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant local art scene while enjoying the unique charm of the Red House’s historic setting.

Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen:

If you have an interest in aviation history, don’t miss the Dornier Museum in nearby Friedrichshafen. This compact yet impressive museum houses a collection of original aircraft and outer space exploration devices. It’s particularly enjoyable for children, as they have the opportunity to explore some of the antique planes on the museum’s exterior. Convenient parking is readily available. The museum offers a comprehensive look at the history of aviation and the legacy of the Dornier aircraft company.

Zeppelin Museum:

Discover the history of airships in Friedrichshafen at the Zeppelin Museum. With fascinating exhibits and artifacts, it’s a must-visit for aviation enthusiasts and history buffs. While not extensive, it offers rich knowledge, making it suitable for older kids and adults. Highlights include stepping into a life-sized Zeppelin gondola. The well-curated displays and passionate staff provide an informative and visually captivating experience against the backdrop of Lake Constance. Don’t miss this aviation history gem.

3. Discover Historical Landmarks

Meersburg Old Town:

Stroll through the cobblestone streets of the old town, where picturesque half-timbered houses, charming cafes, and boutiques create an enchanting medieval atmosphere. Inside the medieval town, you’ll discover several notable sites:

  • Das Unterstadttor: A historical tower that divides the town into lower and upper areas.
  • Das Obertor: Another historic town gate.
  • Meersburg Castle (Burg Meersburg): Explore this castle to enjoy panoramic views of Lake Constance and its breathtaking surroundings. Within its walls, you’ll find a museum offering captivating exhibits on the town’s rich history and providing fascinating insights into medieval life.
  • Meersburg Parish Church (Stadtkirche Meersburg): This charming church features beautiful Gothic and Baroque architecture. Its interior is adorned with impressive frescoes and intricate woodwork.
  • Meersburg New Palace (Neues Schloss): Located adjacent to the Old Castle, this palace is a fine example of Renaissance architecture. While it’s not open to the public, its exterior and gardens are worth a visit.
  • Market Square (Marktplatz): The heart of the Old Town, this square is surrounded by historic buildings and is a great place to soak up the town’s ambiance. You might also find local markets or events taking place here.

Wallfahrtskirche Basilika Birnau:

The Wallfahrtskirche Basilika Birnau is a stunning hall church divided into three parts, gracefully tapering towards the apse. The sacred interior is adorned with exuberant rococo splendor. Notable features include a cycle of paintings by Gottfried Bernhardt Göz, intricately aligned with the image of Mary at the main altar, three ceiling frescoes, ten exquisite altars, and a magnificent organ. This architectural marvel was designed by Peter Thumb and constructed between 1742-1750. The church’s ornate beauty, tranquility, and opulence are truly captivating. Its location amidst vineyards and lakes adds to its breathtaking charm, offering unparalleled views overlooking Lake Constance.

4. Savoring Wineries and Vineyards

Take a hike and walk through the vineyards surrounding Meersburg. You can explore the lush vineyards, learn about wine production, and enjoy wine tasting at local wineries. Explore the lush vineyards surrounding Meersburg and indulge in wine-tasting sessions at local wineries. This region is known for its excellent wines, and you can sample a variety of Bodensee wines, including white, red, and rosé. Learn about the winemaking process and enjoy the flavors of the area while soaking in the scenic vineyard landscapes.

Weingut Aufricht:

At Weingut Aufricht, you’ll encounter a winery dedicated to crafting exceptional wines that reflect the essence of the Meersburg region. With a strong commitment to quality and sustainability, this winery invites visitors to explore its vineyards, witness the winemaking process, and enjoy tastings of their exquisite wines. It’s a true gem for wine enthusiasts seeking an authentic Meersburg wine experience.

Staatsweingut Meersburg:

Staatsweingut Meersburg is a renowned winery that stands as a testament to the winemaking heritage of Meersburg. With a commitment to excellence, this winery produces a diverse range of exceptional wines that capture the essence of the region. Visitors are invited to explore their vineyards, witness the art of winemaking, and partake in delightful wine tastings. It’s a must-visit destination for those seeking to savor the finest wines of Meersburg.

Fräulein Seegucker:

Fräulein Seegucker is a charming gem nestled amidst the Aufricht vineyards, adjacent to their wine cellar. This delightful spot offers a selection of exquisite wines and a menu featuring delectable bites. Guests can unwind in the garden, where they’ll be treated to a breathtaking panorama of Lake Constance. It’s a place where some of the finest regional wines can be savored. Expect a menu with wines, refreshing beverages, and a choice of simple yet incredibly fresh and delicious dishes, along with homemade cakes that add to the culinary experience.

Meersburg Wine Festival:

The Meersburg Wine Festival is a delightful celebration of the region’s winemaking heritage. It typically takes place during the summer months, often in July or August, offering visitors the opportunity to sample a wide variety of local wines amidst the picturesque backdrop of Meersburg’s charming streets and lakefront. It’s a perfect occasion to immerse yourself in the flavors of the region’s finest wines and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of this summer festival.

Sustainable Travel in Bodensee

Eco-hotels in Meersburg

Choose eco-friendly accommodations that prioritize sustainability. Many hotels in Bodensee have adopted energy-saving measures, waste reduction initiatives, and local sourcing practices. Consider staying in eco-certified hotels or eco-lodges that have received recognition for their environmental efforts.

Augustin´s Hotel

Located in the charming town of Meersburg, Augustin’s Hotel provides comfortable accommodations with a terrace and complimentary WiFi, in addition to free private parking for guests arriving by car. This welcoming hotel offers picturesque city views to enhance your stay.

Each of the guest rooms at Augustin’s Hotel is equipped with a flat-screen TV featuring satellite channels. Rest assured, all rooms come with cozy bed linens and towels for your convenience.

For travelers using air transportation, Friedrichshafen Airport is conveniently situated just 22 kilometers away from Augustin’s Hotel.

Couples particularly appreciate the excellent location, awarding it a high rating of 9.6 for a memorable two-person getaway.

Seebrise mit Musik und Wein

Nestled in the heart of Meersburg’s historic old town, Seebrise mit Musik und Wein offers a delightful garden and a sun-drenched terrace for guests to enjoy. Conveniently located just 9 kilometers away from Konstanz, this property also offers the unique experience of a weekly wine tasting accompanied by music.

All the units at Seebrise mit Musik und Wein feature a lovely terrace and are thoughtfully designed with comfortable seating and dining areas. In addition, each unit boasts a fully equipped kitchen complete with a dishwasher and oven for your culinary needs.

You’ll find handy amenities like a toaster, coffee machine, and kettle, ensuring a pleasant stay. Towels are thoughtfully provided, and the apartments are even hypoallergenic for added comfort.

For those who wish to explore the beautiful surroundings, the lake promenade is just a 15-minute stroll away. If you’re keen on outdoor activities, the property offers bike rentals, and the area is known for its excellent cycling and hiking opportunities. Bregenz is a mere 42 kilometers from Seebrise mit Musik und Wein, and Friedrichshafen Airport is conveniently located just 19 kilometers away.

Sonnenhof Hagnau

Located in the picturesque town of Hagnau, Sonnenhof Hagnau provides a peaceful retreat just 17 kilometers from Fairground Friedrichshafen and 48 kilometers from Casino Bregenz. This charming accommodation offers a beautiful garden and complimentary WiFi throughout the property, along with free private parking for guests traveling by car. Notably, the property also offers a convenient free shuttle service and features a sun terrace. Furthermore, Sonnenhof Hagnau is an allergy-free establishment and is positioned 41 kilometers from Lindau Train Station.

Select rooms at this guest house come equipped with a kitchenette, complete with modern amenities such as a dishwasher, oven, and toaster. Every room at the guest house includes a private bathroom for your comfort.

Begin your day with a delectable breakfast, with options ranging from continental to vegetarian and even vegan choices.

Sonnenhof Hagnau goes the extra mile by offering a barbecue area for guests to enjoy. Additionally, there are recreational activities like table tennis, cycling, and hiking available in the surrounding area.

For those traveling by train, Bregenz Railway Station is 48 kilometers away from Sonnenhof Hagnau. The nearest airport, Friedrichshafen Airport, is conveniently situated just 17 kilometers from this delightful guest house.

Bodensee Hotel Sternen

This charming 3-star hotel offers rustic-style accommodations and serves up authentic Baden cuisine. You’ll find it nestled in the village of Uhldingen, situated on the northern shores of Lake Constance.

Bodensee Hotel Sternen is housed within a historic monastery, boasting generously-sized rooms equipped with tea and coffee-making facilities, as well as Wi-Fi access for your convenience. Guests are welcome to take advantage of the complimentary fitness studio at the Sternen.

Each morning, a sumptuous breakfast buffet awaits you at the Sternen Hotel. In addition, the hotel’s two restaurants offer a diverse selection of both regional and international dishes to satisfy your culinary cravings.

Notable attractions near the Sternen Hotel include the Birnau Pilgrimage Church and the Pfahlbaumuseum, which showcases traditional stilt houses. For ease of transportation, Uhldingen-Mühlhofen train station is conveniently located just 1.3 kilometers away, making it a convenient hub for exploring the surrounding area.

Bodensee, with its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and commitment to sustainability, is a shining example of how sustainable travel can enhance both the traveler’s experience and the environment. By choosing eco-friendly transportation, engaging in sustainable activities, dining consciously, supporting local communities, and practicing responsible tourism, you can enjoy all that this magnificent region has to offer while leaving a positive impact on its delicate ecosystems and vibrant communities. Bodensee invites you to embark on a journey that not only enriches your soul but also contributes to the preservation of this natural and cultural gem at the heart of Europe.

Hotel Photos Credit: All hotels images courtesy of Nananai World’s affiliate partner

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