Being a multicultural family, our family and friends are mostly around the world; we try to maintain a close relationship with them no matter where we are. However, it is challenging to create a “meaningful connection” half a world apart. 

We asked ourselves questions like how to stay in touch with our parents and siblings in Brazil and Taiwan? How to help my children to build a close and healthy relationship with them?

There are many ways we do to stay connected, but the most critical part of this process is be proactive.  We try to use the same attitude to expand our social support system in Barcelona too. 

Be proactive, do not expect someone to come to you!

Smart connection

A smartphone is a great tool !! 

Start a video call to share your days. Parents always want to hear from you. The benefit of video calling is you can have multiple people chatting at one time, and you can also see the faces of people you love!

Drop a simple audio message if you would like to share an exciting story but lazy to type out everything! Audio messaging is an excellent way for a quick “Hi.” 

Create a WhatsApp group to share some videos, pictures, and simple text regularly. Whatsapp is free, it has both voice call and video calling functions, it has an end-to-end encryption feature, which makes your WhatsApp communication highly secure.

Share your life

There are part of the family and friends that you wish to stay connected, but in reality, it is difficult to get in touch one by one on a frequent base.

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with this group of family and friends. People often drop by and comment on the post, you can use the opportunity to have a little chat and catch up. 

Blogging is another excellent way to stay connected and also allow you to document the family experience, this is one of the reasons I started blogging after moving to Barcelona. 

Plan to meet or visit

The truths are there is always a limitation when connecting through electronic devices! face-to-face relationship is irreplaceable. The real relationship often builds from spending quality time and engaging emotions between parties.

To help our children grow up feeling connected with our family members. As parents of two toddlers, we ensure putting enough effort into creating quality time for the children and the family. In other word, most of our travel budget are seeing family and friends.

Feel free to discuss when to meet with family and friends again, and this way can help you to keep in mind when planning the trip and look forward to seeing them.

Old fashion connection!

Sending postcards to friends, family, or loved ones is a great way to show affection. When we first settle in Barcelona, we sent postcards to family and friends with a new address and inform them we are well. During Christmas, we mail out family Christmas card to celebrate with our love ones around the world as well. 

There are many options to keep connected with the extended family! It is essential to find a way that works for all parties! But remember, be proactive! 

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