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At Nanani World, we’re committed to supporting single parents on their journey to holistic wellness. We understand that well-being encompasses not only mental and emotional health but also financial stability. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a new avenue for our readers to enhance their financial well-being through our partnership with 4Life.

We take our partnership with 4Life seriously. Before introducing any opportunity to our readers, we ensure that we’ve thoroughly tested the products ourselves, delved into customer testimonials, and scrutinized the benefits. Our commitment to transparency and integrity means that we only endorse products and opportunities that we wholeheartedly believe in. By prioritizing your trust and well-being, we strive to provide you with authentic and valuable experiences that empower you on your journey to holistic wellness and financial stability.

4life Financial wellness Immune boost

About 4Life®

Established in 1998 with a mission to enrich lives globally, 4Life – The Immune System Company has been at the forefront of taking Transfer Factor to the world. As pioneers in promoting health and prosperity, the company’s dedication to ‘Together, Building People’ deeply resonates with our values at Nanani World. Through science-backed products and a proven business model, 4Life offers individuals an opportunity to take control of their financial future.

We’re proud to highlight that 4Life® Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor® Formula is certified by the NSF. The NSF, a respected organization dedicated to product testing, inspection, and third-party certification, is committed to improving human and planetary health. This certification underscores our shared dedication to providing high-quality, trustworthy products that contribute to overall well-being.

Why work with Nanani World and 4Life

Versatile Income Opportunities:

Whether you’re seeking additional income or aspiring to build a thriving business, 4Life provides a versatile platform for growth. As an affiliate, you have the freedom to focus on both sales and team building, tailoring your approach to suit your goals and preferences.

Commission Structure:

For each customer order made through your shop, you will receive a generous 25% commission, and if you choose to build a team, you’ll earn commissions from all levels of every product sold within your network, providing multiple streams of income to support your financial goals.

Professional Growth:

Participating in both sales and team building expands your network, cultivating your own ‘tribe’ of like-minded individuals. This fosters personal and professional growth while boosting confidence, empowering you to achieve success on your terms.


1. Set up Account:

Contact Nanani World by filling out the sign-up form below to receive your personal signup link and set up as a preferred customer. We will promptly get back to you within 2 business days.

2. First Order:

As part of the signup process, you’ll place your first order, granting you access to wholesale prices, which offer a 20% saving of all purchase. Purchasing 150 LP or more can waive the €25 one-time signup fee.

3. Earn and Grow: 

Once the first order is completed, you will receive access to your “MyShop” to start generating 25% commission on every purchase made by your customers, with commissions paid out daily.

*LP (Life Point): the point value assigned to each commissionable 4Life product.  Life Points are converted to commissions based on the total point value of products sold by each Affiliate and their team.Each affiliate must maintain a monthly accumulation of 100 LP*, achievable by selling an average of 3 products per month. This can be accomplished individually or as a team effort. Let this requirement be your ongoing motivation, propelling you towards continued growth and success. Your commitment ensures not only personal advancement but also fuels the collective progress of your community.

Ready to take the first step toward financial wellness?

If you’ve reached this point on the page, you’re likely contemplating the potential of this opportunity. Take a moment to believe in yourself and reach out to us. Let us guide you through this journey. If you’re wondering if you can achieve stability like others have, know that you already possess the potential.

Take the leap, open the door, and give it a try. Your future awaits.

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