Venturing Forth navigating middle age after divorce 2023

Venturing Forth: Navigating Middle Age after Divorce

Embark on an incredible transformative adventure and witness one woman’s life-changing journey from despair to liberation.

Beautifully written as an authentic window into one single mother’s remarkable journey through the rich culture of Barcelona, Venturing Forth is a fascinating and deeply inspiring memoir that explores the hard-won lessons she discovered while caring for two young toddlers and navigating a global pandemic.

Caught in the aftermath of an unraveling marriage, author and wellness coach Hsin Chen bares her soul, revealing how she rose from the ashes and tapped into a wellspring of inner resilience to overcome COVID, mental health struggles, and parenting doubts to forge a flourishing future for her children.

Sharing the raw and gritty details of her tumultuous four-year-long journey, alongside her many dating adventures in the wake of her divorce, Hsin’s story will speak to the souls of anyone who has struggled with seemingly insurmountable hardship. Venturing Forth gently reminds us that we hold immense power for self-transformation, inviting us to break free from our comfort zones, embrace risks, practice deeper self-awareness, and tackle uncertainty with a revitalized sense of curiosity and adventure.

As a powerful read for single parents – or for anyone who feels overwhelmed by the challenges of life – Hsin’s story is a breath of fresh air, standing as a testament to the unending resilience of the human spirit. This memoir shows us there’s a beautiful journey awaiting us if we take the plunge and cross the bridge of adversity. Venturing Forth is more than a memoir – it’s a lifeline for anyone who needs a guiding light or a word of wisdom for their journey.

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Hsin Chen

About the author

Hsin Chen is an author, writer, certified life coach, and the visionary founder of Nanani World. With her rich multicultural background spanning eight cities, five countries, and four continents, Hsin draws on her incredible personal odyssey to offer unique perspectives and profound insights in both the corporate world and beyond.

Hsin’s remarkable journey of self-transformation began in 2019 when she relocated to the vibrant city of Barcelona with her two young children. As the author of her memoir Venturing Forth, she aims to share her story, inspiring readers to overcome their own life challenges and dare to dream of a better future. Hsin’s inspirational story has earned her recognition in esteemed media outlets including Business Insider, Bloomberg, and Yahoo.

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