Not about fit in, it’s about truly belonged

A lot of people ask me why are we moving to Spain? Why not wait for a few more years since the kids are still young? How about your parents at home? Several questions emerged as we announced our moving plan!

As a multicultural family, we have accents, mixed features, and hybrid-cultures. Our life is like a miniature version of the world cultures. We continue to search for a place where we genuinely feel comfortable raising our multicultural kids. A place where our kids are confident enough to develop their own identity without feeling pressure to choose sides.

There are many pros and cons of moving to Spain. It is always joyful to talk about the benefits, but the downsides are leaving our loved ones, breaking the family routine, rebuilding family life, costly, mentally and physically demanding. These are always the main reasons to draw people away from making their dream come true!

There is no “one-size-fits-all” life; family needs to take time weighing what’s important and set the priorities, finally try to balance among them. Important choice takes time and attention. 

Why do We Move to Spain?

1. Time for a change!

Daniel and I spent six years in Taiwan, the first three years in Taipei City, and later in Tainan City. I am a third culture kid who was born and grew up in Tainan city until age 12, all my family members are still living there. Moving closer to my parents was the main reason for me to leave São Paulo City and Taipei City. 

After our daughters, Luana and Maya, are born. we have an entirely new perspective for our life and value. Tainan City was great, full of delicious food, life was stable, and we felt so much love! However, the city lacks multiculturalism and international exposure.

Our gut feeling tells us that this is the moment and if we don’t do it now! When?? After all the discussion and researching, a big part of this decision is trusting my instincts! We are going to take the risk and be adventurous!

Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience. – Paulo Coelho

2. Multicultural City

Parents always want to provide the best possible educational environment for their children, and we are no different. While all children are unique and develop at their own pace, the cultural influence during their development is playing a significant role.

Barcelona is a multicultural city, promotes gender equality, children-friendly, and offers a wide range of international schools options for the expat community and multicultural family.

3. Changing lifestyle

Changing lifestyle as a family is one of the main reasons we move to Spain. Life in Tainan was comfortable, but it feels like always eating the same type of cuisine, listening to the same kind of music, limited racial diversity. We are a multicultural family who is seeking to experience diversity, world cultures, and international food, never stop exploring!

4. The middle ground for our families

After moving to Barcelona, we want to keep a close relationship with our family and friends! 

I am from Taiwan, and Daniel is from Brazil. Living in Taiwan makes our visit to Brazil extremely difficult. It takes about 30 hours total to reach from one end to the other, and airline tickets are expensive!! We want to make sure our girls can spend quality time with both the Taiwanese and the Brazilian family. Moving to Spain can reduce the travel distance and cost to Brazil. Meanwhile, we can still maintain a relationship with our Taiwanese family.

5. Career development

Before Nanani World, I was working in marketing strategies and event planning; Daniel is a financial advisor. We are seeking to gain international exposure to stimulus creativity and knowledge. Barcelona is a vibrant city that is full of stories to tell.

6. Spain is great!

In Barcelona, the weather is always beautiful, 300 pleasant days! Beaches and mountains are nearby; the city designed many beautiful parks and playgrounds for children.

Spain is famously known for its healthy lifestyle, and it offers one of the best quality of life. Sounds like a dream! 


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